Q: Can a single author registration cover multiple papers?Q: If I participate in the conference on-line only, what will it look like for me?

A: With an on-line only registration, you will have access to the proceedings, to the tutorial videos and the livestream of the tutorials, to the on-line version of the workshops (if offered by the specific workshop organizers), to the keynote presentations, to the short poster videos (5 minutes per poster), and to the live online poster presentation sessions. You will also have access to a virtual conference lobby where you can meet other on-line participants and chat with them.

A: Yes, see registration page. The on-line only registration fee without paper publication is 150€ (early), 200€ (normal), 250€ (late).

A: We will allow for you to upgrade your registration later from on-line to on-site, to the type of your on-line registration (e.g., if on-line registration was an early registration, the upgrade to on-site will also apply the early on-site registration charge).

Q: Is an author registration required for each accepted paper?

A: Yes, for any accepted paper, at least one author registration is required, regardless of whether participation is on-line or on-site. If a student is the first author of a paper, a student registration is sufficient. An exception can be made for papers listing authors in alphabetical order. In this case, please contact us directly.

Q: Can a single author registration cover multiple papers?

Yes, a registration can cover multiple papers. As a side note, however, we kindly request that no more than two papers are covered by a single registration. Please remember that there is no formal organization or society behind the PPSN conferences for assuring financial backup, and the SARS-Cov-19 outbreak did not make budget planning easier for the organizers.

A: We kindly ask you to make your hotel reservations yourself. We provide a list of hotels of different categories here. Unfortunately, since it was impossible for the organizers to estimate a guaranteed number of rooms, we were not able to negotiate a special PPSN rate.