Preparing and submitting the final paper

You have already received the comments from the reviewers in a previous email. Please take them carefully into account when preparing your camera-ready paper for the proceedings. The final paper and the signed copyright form are due on 

June 22, 2020 (Anywhere on earth).

This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings.

0. If you do not opt for OPEN ACCESS to your paper, please proceed to step 2 directly. (In this case, rights retained by authors are stated in the LNCS copyright form. Please see below.)

1. OPEN ACCESS and OPEN CHOICE: Springer offers the option of open access publishing for
individual proceedings papers, which is referred to as “open choice.” Very briefly, the
benefits of open choice are:

  • Open Choice enables access by anyone with an internet connection, immediately on publication.
  • The copyright remains with you.

If you are interested in this option, please contact us as soon as you submit the camera-ready version via 

Please use the email subject “PPSN2020 Open Choice – [paper id]” and indicate the paper title, name of the corresponding author, and invoice address in the message.

The price for Open Choice for LNCS is 38 euros per page. See also:

Note in this context the following:

The open access publication fee does not replace any other existing journal publication costs, which are billed separately (e.g., surcharges for color figures in print, oversized articles, etc.) Customers providing payment from the Americas will be charged in US$. Sales tax will be charged if applicable. Customers providing payment from Europe, Africa and Asia will be charged in EUR. 
VAT is not included in the price and will be added, at a standard rate, if applicable.

2. FINAL PAPER: Please submit the files pertaining to your camera-ready paper using your EasyChair account. Please submit a SINGLE zip file to EasyChair containing the following materials:

  • The FINAL source files (for both LaTeX and Word source files), including bib/bbl files, images, rtf files, etc.
  • A camera-ready PDF file corresponding exactly to the final source files, which should be named
    “PPSN2020_[corresponding author name]_paper_[your paper ID].pdf”
  • A copyright form, SIGNED BY HAND by one author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper.

Importantly, please ensure that the camera-ready PDF contains the email address of the corresponding author in its header. The corresponding author will be contacted by email to check the proofs of your paper to avoid typesetting errors.

The page limit is strictly 12 pages, excluding references. Please ensure all content, including acknowledgments, is on the first 12 pages. From page 13 onwards, there shall only be references. Please follow the author instructions of Springer-Verlag carefully when preparing the final version:

For instructions of the copyright form see below.

Our publisher has recently introduced an extra control loop. Once the typesetting is finished, Springer will contact all corresponding authors and ask them to check the final papers. We expect this to happen shortly before the printing of the proceedings. At that time, your quick interaction with Springer-Verlag will be greatly appreciated (the corresponding author will have to carry out a proof check within 72 hours after receiving the version to be printed).

3. COPYRIGHT: Please add a SIGNED-BY-HAND and completed copyright form (Consent-to-Publish form, formally) to the zip file for submitting the camera-ready version. You can download two prefilled copyright on the webpage:

(1) Authors who do NOT opt for open choice should ONLY sign the LNCS Consent-to-Publish form, and
(2) Authors who opt for open choice should ONLY sign the CC-BY Consent-to-Publish form.

Authors employed by US Government departments or by the Crown should read carefully the rights granted in the copyright forms. Please scan the signed form into PDF or any other standard image format and include it in the aforementioned zip file.

4. AVAILABILITY OF THE PROCEEDINGS: ALL participants will have 4-week free access to all papers via the conference website as of the starting date of the conference. We encourage the authors to include your email addresses in your paper’s header since you will receive an email from Springer (roughly four weeks after publication of the volume) linking you to your personal “My Springer” page. From here, you will be able to download the pdf of the entire volume. If the email address in the header is a life-long address, then Springer will be able to make all your publications accessible from one page.

Finally, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Thank you again for your contribution to PPSN2020. All questions regarding the final submission should be sent to the volume editors using the following e-mail address:


Hao Wang
Michael Emmerich
André Deutz