Getting to Dortmund

Dortmund is the eight-largest city in Germany and part of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region. It can be reached by many routes.

By air

International flights should prefer Düsseldorf airport (DUS), whereas Frankfurt airport (FRA) might be a reasonable alternative especially for intercontinental flights. Dortmund airport (DTM) is mainly a regional airport; but it also serves parts of eastern Europe. Within Europe Cologne/Bonn airport (CGN) might be considered as well.

The travel time by public transportation from the airports takes at least 45 minutes from DUS, 120 minutes from FRA, 30 minutes from DTM, and 100 minutes from CGN.

By train

Dortmund central station (Hauptbahnhof; Hbf.) is connected to the European high-speed rail network. See for booking tickets (you can switch between several languages with the button on the top right of the web portal).

By car

Dortmund is surrounded by many highways (Autobahn). A modern route guiding system in your car should get you to Dortmund easily.

Warning: Please be aware that highway A45 between Frankfurt and Dortmund is closed to traffic because of a severely damaged bridge next to the city of Lüdenscheid. Although there is a by-pass through communal and rural roads, it leads to an annoying and time-consuming delay (depending on weekday and time of day).

Getting to the Conference Venue

The addresses of the relevant buildings are Otto-Hahn-Strasse 12 (OH 12), Emil-Figge-Strasse 50 (EF 50) and Emil-Figge-Strasse 59 (IBZ). You can reach the campus of TU Dortmund University by car or by public transportation. If you prefer a car then there are several free parking lots at the campus. Depending on the location of your hotel the routing via public transportation can be queried from VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr). There is also a free VRR App downloadable from app stores.

The target stops are:

  • Saturday: Dortmund Meitnerweg (building OH 12) or Dortmund Universität (building OH 12, plus 12 minutes walk)
  • Sunday: Dortmund Universität (building OH 12, plus 12 minutes walk)
  • Monday to Wednesday: Dortmund Universität (building EF 50 and IBZ)